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APFC 2012 Masters Division Judges

The highly anticipated 3rd annual event of the American Pole Fitness Championships will take place live at the Manhattan Center, New York City, October 12, 2012 at 630pm. Door/Red carpet will open at 5pm. Men and women will compete for their individual gender division for the coveted title. The championships will be divided into 2 parts this year, –Elite and Masters Division. The Masters Division is to be judged by APFA’s carefully selected esteemed individuals from around the world in pole sport who will award the coveted American Pole Fitness Champion titles to a male and female respectively at the theater after a live performance. For details on being a competitor please visit the APPLICATION PAGE. Submission deadline is June 30, 2012. Buy tickets to attend the championships.

Masters Division Judges of the American Pole Fitness Championships 2012:

Michelle Abbruzzese (US)

Michelle Abbruzzese has been a performer all of her life, from her first recital at age 3, to performing in front of millions as a New England Patriot Cheerleader at Superbowl XXXVI. She has studied a variety of dance styles ranging from ballet, tap, and jazz in her younger years, to funk-jazz, cheer-dance, and pole dancing in her later years. In total, Michelle has performed for 10 professional sports teams ranging from NFL to USBL. Even cancer can’t slow Michelle down. On May 1st 2005, she was diagnosed with stage-2 breast cancer.  Determined to keep a positive attitude, Michelle had the tumor removed, sought out therapy, and continued to perform and a dancer for the New York Dragons (AFL) without ever missing a practice or a game. That year, Michelle was chosen by her teammates to represent them at the 2005 Arena Bowl in Las Vegas, NV.  Determined to keep a positive attitude, Michelle still teaches and performs on a regular basis. Michelle wasn’t only a professional dancer. Michelle has spent many successful years in the corporate world and has just celebrated her 10th year with Johnson and Johnson. It is her combined love of dance and her business knowledge that led to the natural progression of wanting her own studio. After 9 years of teaching a variety of dance styles, Michelle was ready to offer the local community a dance and fitness studio like no other in the area. Disgusted by the egos of other studios and the impersonal treatment of the larger gyms, she wanted to open a place where both men and women could come and feel like family. Together with her husband Tony, they have created Work It Dance and Fitness in Connecticut. Michelle also served as one of the Elite Division Judges earlier this year to lend a hand in selecting the Masters Division Finalist.

Marina Cavallini (Sweden)

Marina Cavallini (Sweden) is a pole dance performer, teacher and a passionate dancer, has trained classical ballet since her childhood. She teaches pole dance and stretch classes at North Pole Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Marina is exceptionally dedicated to her students and her profession as a dancer. She instills her students with the same passion in her pursuit of perfection. Marina has performed and successfully competed at various competitions and fashion show events in Europe and the US.
In her performances she strives for artistic grace in motion and power in beauty revolving around the pole. She graced the cover of Pole Spin magazine spring issue and was a guest performer at the American Pole Fitness Championships 2011 official Afterparty.

Loic Lebret (France)

Loic Lebret is also unique in that he is one of the top male pole performers in the world to comprehensively busts the myth that pole dancing is only for women. His love affair with the pole began back in April 2008 in Paris, when he picked up a friend from a pole dancing class and was instantly entranced by what he experienced and decided to learn how to do it himself. He realized the demands that pole dancing makes on the body, in terms of flexibility, strength and endurance, and determined that he could effectively combine the graceful and romantic elements of his traditional dance training with pole fitness moves to create the artistic pole dance concept. One of Lebret’s famous acts is his Superman performance, which was a huge TV hit, when it featured in the show Got Talent, comprises of the entire body being painted in an intricate design that took three hours for the makeup artist to create! Lebret is one half of the dance act ADDICTISSIME where he performs in France as well as abroad and has won several international pole competition titles.

Efrain Vivas (Venezuela)

Efrain was born in Venezuela in 1953. He is an architect graduated from “Universidad Central de Venezuela” and holds a Master Degree from Yokohama National University, Japan. He lived  and worked in Japan from 1982 to 1995.  During his stay in Japan he mastered his other profession: photography. He has had several Solo and Group Exhibitions in Venezuela and worlwide, and his work has been awarded in some of the main Art Salons in Venezuela.
Five talented pole fitness instructors founded Vertical Dance Fitness studios in Caracas, Venezuela in 2010 and named Efrain as its General Director, and he has played a pivotal role in ensuring the right methods are taught to their students. He believes that it is very crucial to enhance the importance of “amplifying and supplementing” the sport with other disciplines that are directly related to pole fitness as an art and sport, such as choreography, body language, music perception, acrobatics, etc.
Efrain has been working very hard in getting more awareness to his country internationally to further help all the studios in Venezuela collectively. In October 2010, Efrain, Vivian and Ana of Vertical Dance Fitness, where in NYC to attend the first American Pole Fitness Championship organized by the APFA, an alliance member of IPFF. He is working hard to improve and increase the value of pole sport in a positive light in the mainstream, to earn it the respect it truly deserves.

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