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APFC 2012 Masters Division

The highly anticipated 3rd Annual American Pole Fitness Championships will take place at the Manhattan Center, New York City, Friday, October 12, 2012 at 630pm. Door/Red carpet will open at 5pm with an after party to follow by 10pm.
Men and women will compete for their individual gender division for the coveted title, American Pole Fitness Champion 2012.

Almost 60 applicants submitted for a chance to win the coveted title on October 12. However, only a few were selected for another chance to be reviewed for the Elite Division to advance to the Masters Division where only 5 men and 8 women will compete for the coveted nation’s title, American Pole Fitness Champion, 2012.

For admittance to the extravagant, star making national sport event, please visit our TICKET PAGE.

Of course, we welcome more sponsors to be a part of this nationwide groundbreaking sport event, please inquire at There is also a great opportunity for businesses to advertise in our event program, PoleBill® for as little as $75. Get your brand/businesses in the collectors edition guests are bound to take home with them. Pole studios are more than welcome to take advantage of this opportunity as well. Limited space available, artwork submission deadline is Sept 1, 2012. For more details, please contact us.

If you can’t join us this year in New York City, be sure to subscribe to our coverage sponsor, Pole Spin Magazine, to read all about the exclusive behind -the-scene coverage of the championships. However, we prefer you to be in the press release instead of reading about it. Be there to experience the thrill, fun, and network. It’s a red carpet, star studded event not to be missed! To give you an idea of what happened last year, preview the video footage

Without further ado, we present the esteemed group of ladies and gentlemen, The Masters Division Finalist 2012!


Annie Tobiasz, a published oil painter and illustrator, began pole fitness three years ago. An avid runner, with a background in gymnastics and figure skating, Annie found pole fitness combined all her athletic and art interests into one. Pole fitness is not only a form of exercise, its also is Annie’s form of expression. Annie completed the Xpert program, has taken workshops in NYC and instructs pole fitness at Goddess Hour Dance and Fitness Studio in Rochester, NY.



Ashley Fox has a background in dance, cheer-leading, and gymnastics, but her passion for the art of pole occurred unexpectedly. Now this beautiful art form consumes her. She has been poling for over 3 years and recently opened Foxy Fitness and Pole Training Studios NYC. She’s in it for life, striving to use pole dancing as a way to spread more love and health in the world.



“I am a stay-at-home mom to a 2 year old boy, and an Army Wife, which causes me to travel often, but Orlando, FL is home.  In June of 2011, I started doing pole as a way to stay in shape and to kill time while my husband was away.  I quickly fell in love with it, as I was able to put my Gymnastics skills to good use!  I have had about 6 months of training in a studio and spend the rest of my time learning as much as I can from the internet.”



When Heidi began pole dancing 3 years ago, she never dreamed it would take her on such an adventure!  In the last year, she has had the honor and privilege to travel to the world and compete in Finland, Hong Kong, and Switzerland in just 5 months. Heidi is also thrilled to be competing in New York again after having won the 2011 American Pole Fitness 3rd place champion and Pole Artist of the Year!  The art and strength of pole dancing has been both a creative and fun outlet for her.  Aside from training in vertical gymnastics, Heidi is a full time Sign Language Interpreter.  She also loves to garden, and spend time outdoors with her husband and their kitties.



Nadia first fell in love with pole dancing after watching Felix Cane on Youtube. She installed a pole in her room and began to study pole dancing off Youtube in late 2007 while studying to be an electrical engineer. Nadia began competing as a pole dancer in 2008, teaching in 2009, and doing doubles pole in 2010. Now Nadia has 2 engineering degrees. She is so excited to meet all the amazing artists from across the country and to share her talent on the stage!



Phoenix Kazree is native of Los Angeles, CA.  She is a former gymnast and is trained in classical, contemporary and ethnic dance styles. Her dance training includes the Alvin Ailey American Dance School, Joffrey Ballet, The Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, and 2 years on scholarship with Bella Lewitzky. Phoenix has been been dancing professionally and teaching dance since graduating high school. She currently travels the US and Canada with the touring company of a hit Broadway show. Phoenix is the 2nd place champion and Pole Athlete of the Year winner of the 2011 American Pole Fitness Championships.



She inhabits in a brutal environment of sport and show business industry for more than 18 years. Since she was a child her qualities like hard work, patience, stamina helped her move forward and succeed. At the age of 17th this girl gained a title of Master of Sports in International Level. By this time her work experience includes many well-known entertainment corporations and sport organizations. Her performance background consists of enormous quantity of sport, dance, martial art and circus disciplines. In August 2011 this young artist decided to integrate her performance and competitive skills, dedicating her craft to Pole Dance and pursues new heights under the name of Pink Puma.  Her main goal is to bring into Pole Dance even more artistry, athleticism, grace and to promote it as an Olympic Sport.



She has been poling for eleven years and has become more actively involved in the pole community as an instructor at Boston Pole Fitness two years ago. Star applies her knowledge of gymnastics and ballet combined with her pole experience to be a dynamic and informative instructor.  She believes perfecting the fundamentals is the key to gaining strength and coordination to achieve a higher level of fitness and grace. By focusing on technique and core strength, Star helps students attain a solid platform with which they can achieve confidence, strength and power. Samantha Star is incredibly excited to attend exhibitions, conventions, workshops and competitions with people that are as obsessed with pole as she is.




“Accro”, naturally stemming from acrobat or acrobatics, was an identity chosen to define himself as a DJ…Producer…Entertainer and his affinity for pole and aerial arts. After being exposed to the “pole world” years ago and intermittently learning a trick “here and there” it wasn’t until Shine Alternative Fitness opened in early 2012 that he decided to
truly dedicate time and hard work into training. With no formal background in dance or gymnastics he works to become another talented male pole artist in a female dominated sport. “My goal is to perform and most importantly, entertain, and in my own opinion fill a void in pole dance that I have yet to see, but is long over due” for both men and women!



Pole fitness created a sudden change in the life of David C. Owen which no one, least of all himself, could have foreseen. Having no formal background in dance, gymnastics, or circus arts, pole helped expose David to a new range of experiences and a love of acrobatic movement. His expressive style and above-average flexibility caused him to gain widespread attention in the pole community.



In addition to his work in building maintenance for the Texas Historical Commission, Jason Brown is a lead instructor for Vamps Dance and member with site-specific aerial dance company, Blue Lapis
Light, in Austin, Texas.  Years of training partner acrobatics and aerial dance (silks and harness) proved to be ideal preparation for his introduction to pole dance.  Through these disciplines, Jason discovered not just the thrill of live performance but the daily inspiration and support found in communities of folks dedicated to using their very bodies as modes of artistic expression.



Ravan enjoys sharing his dance knowledge and training with students and clients, teaching and improving flexibility and technique. He is currently an instructor at Onyx Pole & Aerial Fitness Studio. Due to his decades of training and experience in dance, he has a particular emphasis in technique. He believes pole is still a visual sport, so while the moves and poses are difficult to execute, the workout and aesthetic is also in the control, transitions and technique. He would like to share that knowledge with others in the world of pole fitness, whether they compete or train for themselves in studio. He has been featured numerous times in Pole Spin magazine including the cover of the July 2012 issue, and making it as a finalist in the 2011 American Pole Fitness Championships. He teaches pole fitness, as well as flexibility and ballet classes geared towards aerialists. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Ravan has enhanced his pole training by understanding the body and its mechanics which has refined his approach to pole fitness. He continues to share his dance knowledge and training with others, teaching and improving flexibility, musicality, strength and confidence. He loves educating and helping people with their growth as artists, both on and off the pole.



Born in Udon Thani – a remote town in northeastern Thailand – Suwasit now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he has worked  professionally as a artist since 1998. Extensive training in dance, aerial arts, and pole landed him roles in the long-running shows such as; Splash! at the Riviera Hotel, “Azure” an Underwater Show at Silverton Hotel, as well as a nine-year stint with the Culture Shock Las Vegas Dance Company. Since Suwasit has conquered three elements of performance on land, water, and defies gravity on Aerial apparatus. His ultimate goal and dream is to become Cirque du Soleil feature Artist, a pole dance & fitness champion & have a successful business. He is currently coaching and training at Shine Alternative Fitness in Las Vegas, Nevada. Suwasit has a passion for photography, traveling the world, wine, cooking, teaching the arts and loves to host dinner parties for his family & friends. He was the 2011 American Pole Fitness Bronze Medalist & Winner of Pole Video of the Year!

APFA Video of the Year™ 2012 Nominees and workshop details by previous champions Marlo, Stephen Retchless, Flying Laura and some of our Masters Judges will be posted shortly. Please stay tuned or sign up for our newsletter to get instant updates.

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